Working with wire: expressive 3D lines

Hey all. I have a lot to catch up on this blog of mine! I’ve been working very hard this fall, as usual, teaching at Visarts and VMFA, all the while keeping at my full-time graduate work at VCU in the art ed department. O and I’ve also been waiting some tables here and there. Whew.

I finally got a decent digital camera to properly document student work! That is the most exciting thing turning 26 has gotten me. I was able to snap some photos of the work my kids have been doing at the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Richmond. My lovely assistant Elaina and I (also VCU Art Ed grad student) helped our childrens make 3D sculptures with wire and wood. The project was inspired by Giacometti, a Swiss Surrealist/Expressionist who made wirey figures out of bronze. The kids were asked to create expressive self portraits, manipulating the wire, and then adding collaged elements (tissue paper, magazine clippings, pipe cleaners paint). Some of the kids were as young as 8, and found the wire challenging to construct with. However, we pushed through and look how they came out! The work will be shown at the Art After School Expo at Visarts on December 3!



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